VeraCore Celebrates 40 years in fulfillment! [Infographic]

We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary this year! It’s a big one for us, and we’re excited about it!  

40 looks different! It’s been a wild and fun ride as we’ve witnessed the fulfillment industry’s evolution. Throughout this evolution, we’ve focused on our people and helping our customers succeed in fulfillment.  

There’s a lot we’ve accomplished together, and we’re just getting started.  

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VeraCore Hot Takes Happy Hour !

Happy Hour Tip! If you’re looking for a fun/hilarious way to connect with your team, we highly recommend HOT TAKES! We laughed, cried, and debated some interesting opinions on small dogs, Nickelback, tequila, and more.

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VeraCore Reconnects and Joins the Fight Against Hunger

This October, VeraCore hosted a charity walk-a-thon as part of its employee wellness program, Core Wellness. The walk-a-thon was both an opportunity for VeraCore to reconnect team members in a healthy way while giving back to the community.

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Thank you to our friends, customers & partners in fulfillment!

To all of our customers, contacts & partners – We wanted to let you know that we truly appreciate everything you do. We know it takes a lot to keep things moving in the world of fulfillment, even more so at a difficult time like this. 

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Happy Halloween from Team VeraCore!

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It’s a wrap from Columbus!

A few weeks ago we attended the IWLA’s September Conferences in Ohio along with Tim Tebow. Ok he may have been there for another conference, but we still had plenty of excitement of our own! 

As a new member of the IWLA, it was great to interact with a network of peers who are advancing the warehousing and logistics space. We mingled with 170+ attendees at the IWLA’s annual Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing and the Safety & Risk conferences.  

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VeraCore Runs for a Glowing Cause!

On August 24th, VeraCore team members participated in the Blacklight Run, a 5K event for charity, as part of VeraCore’s Wellness Program.

The Blacklight Run is the largest nighttime 5K (or 3.1 miles) race in the country with multiple race locations spread throughout the USA. The organization dedicates each run to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness – a cause we could not wait to support!

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Problem Solving 101

“We’ve got a huge problem! We shipped over 300 orders yesterday, and none of our clients got their shipping notifications.”

“Hurry up and re-boot the shipping work stations, they must be stuck!”

“What, that didn’t work?! Hurry up and re-record the shipments so we can update our customers!”

What seems to be a critical problem can often have a very simple solution.  In the heat of the moment, it’s key that we take a step back and collect our thoughts before jumping into a decision. It’s in the rush of trying to come up with a solution that we end up hurting ourselves and taking more time to solve the problem.

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